Mar 17 2010

Q & A about Sushi

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Q1 Everytime I pour in the sushi mix(Vinegar, Sugar & Salt solution) my rice remains wet, why?

Here’s what the books do not tell you.  Most Sushi chefs mix the rice and sushi mix together when the rice is steaming hot.  This way access water is evaporated thus no wet rice.  If it still does not work, make sure that the sushi mix is also steaming hot and mix them in front of an electric fan (Clean fan please).

Q2 I follow the recipes of short grain rice cooking, but it is either undercooked or too wet, why?

Japanese rice is short grain rice, and itself comes in many grades and species.  To ensure that it is thoroughly cooked, make sure you soak your grains for at least 30 minutes before you turn your rice cooker on.  Another variable component is the rice grade itself.  If you buy a bag of short grain rice for S$10 a bag of 2.5kg and you also buy a higher grade 2.5kg bag of short grain rice for S$30, you will find that using the same amount of water to cook them produce radically different results.  What I suggest is just use the short grain rice you can get from NTUC, they are pretty safe for most recipes.  Other then these two components, you just have to do trial and error.

Q3 Everytime I roll Sushi using Sea Weed Sheets, the Sea Weed almost always breaks up, why?

Sea weed sheets or nori, are very dry weed, they are in a sheet form because they are dry.  If you wrap your sushi while your rice is even a little warm, the steam from your rice will wet your nori and eventually break it.

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