Mar 14 2010

The school teacher who got his six packs

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If we ask the average US citizen on the theories of health and nutrition, you will find that they are very knowledgeable as compared to the citizens of the most of the world.  They invented aerobics, weight loss programmes, they are the experts in nutritional sciences, yet when we look at the figures, US citizens are also the fattest in the world by a huge margin.  Is there something we do not know?  The answer is very simple, LIFESTYLE!

Here are the basics in weight management:

Calories in bigger then calories out = fat body

Calories in smaller then calories out = slim body

It is as simple as that.  Now let me give you the magnitude of what I am illustrating.  You swallow one doughnut, to get it out of your body; you need to jog for at least 2 hours!  Get the drift?

Some causes of weight gain:

1                    Over eating

2                    Under eating

3                    Eating too much of the wrong things

4                    Categorize food types wrongly

5                    Eating wrong portions

6                    Eating at the wrong time of the day

7                    Mother nature?s fault, the aging process

Don?t Tell me the kind of disease the person is suffering,

but tell me the kind of person that is suffering from the disease

Hippocrates the Father of modern medicine

There were some questions relating to weight :

Q1 How does whole grain food control weight?

First of all, whole grain contains lots of fiber, and fiber does fill you up quite a bit.  Secondly, whole grain food is very low in GI, meaning it releases glucose into your blood stream very slowly, thus reducing the tendency to have hunger pangs.  In short Whole grain food is not only more nutritious, it makes you eat less sinful food.

Q2The Japanese eat lots of Sushi rice, how come they are so slim?

There have been extensive literature in relation to Acetic Acid.  What all the research have found is that Acetic Acid for some reason influence  Glucose metabolism in our body system.  For reasons unknown, experiments conducted by letting people take a tablespoon of vinegar(Acetic Acid) before consuming high GI food, found that these people have less glucose in their blood as compared to those who did not take the vinegar.

Sushi contains Acetic Acid, so here’s your answer.  Other food that contains Acetic Acid includes Sourdough and the famous Italian Balsamic Vinegar.  While later you will be drinking vinegar in the gallons, let me warn you that vinegar is acidic, it bites, so please consume vinegar with food, not drink it!

Oh yes, besides the vinegar, the Japanese have a culture of walking, walking and walking.  Want to pick up more tips on weight loss, no need to read more books, buy an air ticket to Vietnam and go observe their lifestyle, and on the streets try to find a fat person, good luck.

I will be featuring some experts in weight management in this site to assist you, if you so wish.  I am very selective; these are weight management experts, not slimming nor weight loss experts.  Weight management experts ensure that it last long and you remain well nourished.  The first guy, he is a school teacher in his 40’s, dragon boat coach and a father of two lovely children.  Go ask him how he does it, I heard he is good with helping people flatten their tummies.  His name is Alfred, attached is his blog.  He can be contacted via his email :

    The second guy , he is Jamil Solhan, a retired head of dept in a public school in Singapore, in his 60’s.  I heard that 5 years before he retired, he had knee issues due to his weight and had difficultly kneeling for his prayers.  Today he is a trim muscular 60 year-old who does gardening in his farm in JB and jogs every morning around his farm and his residence in woodlands area.  He was even featured in the straights times for his health at his age.  Go ask him, you can find him in facebook using the following email, friendly guy :

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