Dec 07 2010

Shopping for Health-A Nutrition Labelling Talk

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Dear Friends

A very rare talk on Understanding Nutrition labelling in Singapore.  This talk is targetted at people who have concerns of obesity for themselves or for a loved one.  The topic covers :

1Nutrition and myths uncovered

2How our body respond to food types

3How to read labels and identify the best package for the family

4How to flatten tummy

5Free body analysis will be given at the end of the talk

The fee for the talk is S$2 per head, starts at 1pm and ends at 2.30pm.

Speaker : Oliver Lim, Trained in Nutrition and Metabolism and tummy flattening coach and an accomplished speaker in the subject of weight management in several organizations.

For seats booking please call or SMS Oliver at 9692 7898 or email to

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Apr 13 2010

Tau Kua Sng on Channel U, Wonder Chef Finals

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This is a traditional Bean Curd dish that goes best with steamed rice.  It is estimated to be created 70 -80 years ag0 by my great grandmother.  My mother passed the recipe to me two weeks before the competition.  The last time I tasted a similiar dish outside of our family, it was in Crystal Jade Palace, they served it as starter.  The ice-cream concoction, I created two weeks before the competition, taste really good.

To view Wonder Chef Rice Episode please click here

To get a recipe for both, please go to “Sign up for Updates” tab and request for one via email.

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