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Hello Friends and all Food & Health Enthusiast

I just want to say thank you for exploring this site, I am honoured.  This site was created out of a necessity to keep all my friends and fellow enthusiast informed.  So the sole purpose is introduce those who want to know more, post information for my cooking class participants and to hold content on resources that all my friends can get hold of, be it ingredient supplier, equipment supplier or books.   All the breads and Japanese food you see in this site are all prepared in an urban apartment in Singapore and does not contain preservatives and softeners of any kind.   And oh yes, there is an interesting section relating to health and weight, enjoy.  So my friends, you are welcome to provide me with information,  I will find a way to confirm it’s accuracy then post it.  I am learning everyday, thank you in advance for all the information.  As I teach, I learn.


Oliver Lim

In the hands of an artisan, a grain becomes nourishment for bliss